Handicraft Is The Transmission Of The Feeling The Artist Is Feeling

Handicraft is the craft of emotion turned into something beautiful. Every line, stitch, cut and idea is filled with love and happiness. Our ‘Karigar’ puts positive energy and love in every stitch for you. Blushing Couture outlook makes you comfortable and unique with a quirky hint. Fun and comfort is what we stand for.

‘I want to be like this on my wedding day!’,’ I want to wear something different’,’I want something comfortable’, ‘something that says me’,’Something that is sentimental’, All these questions come into the mind when we picture our wedding or when planning for a special day. We want to be different but also define me with my comfort. Blushing Couture garner the wishes of women who want to look suave and spesh without compromising the comfort.

‘I wanted every woman to have part of themselves in their garments without losing their comfort,'' said Shafali, owner of Blushing Couture. She wants to create a piece of heart that is filled with love and positivity that is taken by the customer with them and feel the same love and positivity with which the garment was created. ‘I want them to feel like we are there with them and that It's not just a piece of creativity but it's a piece of themselves’ Shafali. When asked to define what Blushing Couture stands for ‘Peculiar, quirky, unique, fun, comfortable, positivity, love all these define us. We make every piece with intricate detail and diligence’ said Shafali. We provide a safe and creative space for our karigar. We extend our hand to all the sides and make a piece that will take your heart away.

Blushing Couture takes responsibility to make you look best and most beautiful with the most Personalised detailing. We make Couple matching outfit for the couple to remember us through their happiness whenever they wear it and look at it. We personalise shape and personalise touch as per your fit. We have hand-made accessories that can be customised with your choices.

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