Blushing Couture aspires to garner a woman's dream. Blushing Couture builds you a handmade garment that makes you look sensational. We are a label with fearless crafters who aim to achieve in creating the style that defines you. We give your style an eccentric and quirky unique touch to it. On your special day we are here to give you an emotion you relate to, not just a garment. Spreading happiness and joy is the key motive of ours. We take you on a journey which is packed with wonderful and bliss memories.


Every cut, stitch and embroidery is done by our 'karigar'. Handicraft is a heritage of our country which lives in our heart and we aim to promote and revive the craft. We build the garments that are a perfect blend of the craft with contemporary fashion. Sustainability is our main focus through the process. Using industrial waste material and creating a different designs with it. Blushing Couture provides a safe environment for our artisans to empower their creative side and assemble wonderful designs for our clients.


Our goal is to give our clients an experience that is packed with joy, love, and happiness. Customizing the design for our clients with a distinct style such as personal ideas, thoughts, and messages embroidered on the garment to give it a more personal and unique touch. Our focus is to develop prints that are a fusion of elements with an eccentric and quirky style.